June of 2006 I spent in Moldino (Russia, Tverskaja region).


Панорама с луга на дер. Полукарпово и оз. Молдино

Moldino lake



A very primitive fern: Ophioglossum vulgatum



Another fern from this family Botrichium lunaria


swallowswallow eggs

a swallow


I let catched fishes in that aquarium


Anodonta, sitting in the sand. In front of the shell you can see ephemeron larvas.


The crawfish (Astacus leptodactylus).


Ruffs (Gymnocephalus cernua).

You can see here a group of ruffs. In the upper right corner a big perch takes a rest.(Perca fluviatilis).


a perch =)))


a very big spined loach (Cobitis taenia) - over 15 cm!!!


I tried to make a photo of the shoal of moderlieschens (Leucaspius delineatus). That doesn't look good =(


Lymnaea stagnalis


a giant ant Camponotus.

And we found Russian pre-revolutionary texts!



На кухне перед обедом...Пряничный домикТинки-Винки возвращаются!!!Папарацци убивают!На перилах моста...Настя ТрошинаДевушки в гамакеНикита ТиуновПоле в туманеОзеро на закате

There is really very beautiful!


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