In the summer of 2006 I was in Turkey! I spent there only a week, but that week was really saturate. And, of course, I swam a lot, mostly under water =)

I saw many interesting creatures and made photos of them!


Düden Waterfalls. It falls right near Antalya. I am sorry, I work in Photoshop not very well =(



A supporting pillar of the pier. There are a lot of algae Cystoseira on it, sea barnacles Balanus perforatus and some hydroids...


I don't know what kind of actinia is it. But it stings harmful!


a very nice sponge! ;)


Huge flatworms (The left one was over 6 cm in length).


Hermodice carunculata

Polychaete Hermodice carunculata. The bunches of white bristles are its defence. The bristles are very sharp. They can pierce through the skin and cause a strong itch!


Protula sp.Protula

Here are three different serpulids - polychaetes living in the lime tubes. The nimbus of colourful tentacles is their feeding organ. Serpulids are beautiful but very fearful, they hide into their tubes after even a weak water motion!


Pachygrapsus marmoratus

A crab Pachygrapsus marmoratus - a handsome and fearful crab.


Pisidia longimana

These creatures are not crabs but craboids - Pisidia longimana. All crabs have 4 pairs of walking legs. Craboids have only 3.


The photo is very bad, but you can make out a small crustacean on the fish's tail Nerocila bivittata. This is a parasite which lives on different species of fishes.


Chiton sp.

Two genuses of chitons - Acanthochiton and Chiton sp. They are beautiful!


a small nice nudibranch Flabellina sp.


Pleurobranchus testudinariusPleurobranchus testudinarius

How is the Pleurobranchus testudinarius? This speciment was about 20 cm in length! Usually you can meet this species only deeper than 20 m. The animal I saw creeped very close to the surface.


I never hoped to see the next animal:

Octopus vulgarisOctopus vulgaris

This is not only a pile of dead shells. You can see an octopus here! The common octopus Octopus vulgaris. It is absolutely white on the second photo.

I have never seen octopuses before. That was big, about a meter in tentacle-spread. Such kind of animals you can meet in the deep of 4-10 m!


Euapta sp.Euapta sp.

Unfourtunetaly I found only one species of sea cucumber - Euapta sp. They were long and very sticky.

And I haven't seen any sea star =(


Only such brittle star Ophioderma longicaudum:


On the other hand, I found three species of sea urchins:

Arbacia lixula

Arbacia lixula - the most common sea urchin.


Paracentrotus lividus

I like this photo of Paracentrotus lividus.


This species is the most interesting. The irregular heart urchin Echinocardium...

Echinocardium sp.

These are the all echinoderms I saw. Too little!


An ascidian Phallusia fumigata.




This is a small species of marine eel (Ariosoma).


Parablennius sanguinolentusCoryphoblennius galeritaCoryphoblennius galeritaAidablennius sphynx

Combtooth blennies.


Oblada melanuraDiplodus puntazzo

Seabreams Oblada melanura and Diplodus sargus.


Coris jullisThalassoma pavoThalassoma pavoCoris jullis

These are different wrasses species. The most beautiful of mediterrainian fishes!


Serranus scribaSerranus scribaSerranus scriba

Serranus scriba - painted comber.


Epinephelus marginatus

This is a real dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus! It is just very small - about 30 cm.


Mullus surmulentusMullus surmulentus

Goatfishes (Mullus surmulentus) - they are delicious!


Mugil cephalusMugil cephalus

There was a lot of mullets Mugil cephalus.


Scorpaena porcusScorpaena porcus

Scorpaena porcus - a scorpion fish. Its spinal fin consists of very strong, sharp and poisonous spikes. The stick is harmful but not dangerous.


Trachinus draco

But this weever Trachinus draco is really dangerous. If it sticks you, you may die!


These are mediterrainean parrotfishes - Sparisoma cretense.


A flatfish. There was a lot of them, but it is very difficult to see them. This is Phrynorhombus regius.


Chromis chromis

Chromis chromis - Damselfish.


I found some gudgeons Gobio sp. there:

Gobio sp.


I never expected to see these fishes:

Mediterrainean triggerfishes Balistes carolinensis.


Tripterigion tripteronotus

Tripterigion tripteronotus, a triplefin. Very small and nice fish =)


A bigeye Pempheris sp. It is a flat fish with very big eyes. I couldn't make a good photo because of darkness (it was evening) and turbidity.



I made also some photos above the sea surface!

The desert ant (Cataglyphis sp.) nest.


An interesting palm cockchafer.


Phaneroptera sp.

Phaneroptera - a night active bushcricket.


Testudo graecaTestudo graeca

Testudo graeca - a greek tortoise.


Stelio stelioStelio stelioStelio stelio

There were a lot of agamids Stelio stelio! The first two photos show males which are more colourful.


Hemidactylus turcicusHemidactylus turcicusHemidactylus turcicus

Hemidactylus turcicus - turkish geckoes.


Cyrtopodion russowi

Another gecko species: Cyrtopodion russowi.


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