A couple of years ago I became interested in photography, and I acquired a camera: Nikon F65. That was a good camera. I have been to Ukraine, Caucasus, the White sea with my "Nikon". But NOW I have SONY DSC-W17 - this is a small camera with resolution about 7 MPx and I like it very much! Sometimes when I had nothing to do, I took photos of everything. You can see here the water drops, snowflakes and some other stuff.

Actually you can see here rather various photos which I made in different places.


Hi Tech

My animals :)

Photos from the terrarium of Alikhanov Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics

Caucasus, 2006.

Moldino, Tverskaya region, 2006.

Turkey, 2006.

White sea, 2006.

Ukraine, 2006.

White sea, 2007.

Egypt, 2008.

Kostromskaya region, spring 2008.

Voronezhskaya region, 2008.

White sea, 2008.


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